About Us 

Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting the Artsy Modern website. We hope that you took the time to look through our website and seen for yourself the home décor products that we offer.  


Artsy Modern was established in 2010 when Ryan and Susan, then a newly-married couple, saw the need for putting all possible home decors together. They were having a difficult time finding the decors that they wanted for their new home. There were a lot of suppliers but they had to look for them one by one. There was an absence of a store that put everything together and made it easy for people to find the things that they need and get things delivered to them.  


They also realized that they were not the only couple who faced this problem. Their friends and colleagues also related the same issue. As such, the couple who were an architect and an interior designer, decided to put up an online store that provided this kind of service.  


So this was how Artsy Modern was born. From 2010, they got a barrage of orders on a regular basis as they made it easier for people to choose from their products and have the items that they wanted delivered.  


Currently, Artsy Modern has delivered to practically all the states in the US. They have also received orders from abroad. Their customers have expressed their satisfaction on the products that Artsy Modern provides and their great customer service as well.  


We hope that we can count you soon among our legions of satisfied customers. Feel free to look at our products to see what we offer. If you need our help, simply hit the Contact Us tab. We will be happy to provide you with any assistance that you require.