Welcome to Artsy Modern – your source for home decors. Here, we provide you with all the best possible home decors that you may want for your home. We have various materials available for you classified according to styles and to the room type. 


Our customers are very satisfied with the products that we offer. In fact, A1 Garage Door Service Santa FE informed us that they use our products for a lot of their projects.  


Feel free to look at our gallery and check out the products that you may want for your home. We guarantee that whatever you are looking for, you can find it here.  


Here are our categories:  


Home Décor Styles


We have four main types of home décor styles for you to choose from: 

  • Casual: These are the types of decors that are quite laid back and exudes coziness and warmth for your home. These are mostly made up of decors that are quite rustic and featuring soft and huggable fabrics.  
  • Formal: We have very formal styles that exudes elegance and exquisiteness. This is perfect for homes with high ceilings and tall windows.  
  • Contemporary: We offer the latest and trendiest styles for your home. In this particular category, you can find the designs that are hot and definitely on-point.  
  • Traditional: If you are after the usual styles with beautiful updates, then choose this category. Here, you will find the old favorites interspersed with new updates.  


Our home décor styles also feature European looks that are traditionally used when it comes to home decors and designs. We feature the following:  


  • French Country: Of course, the French style continues to be all the rage. Look through this category for chandeliers and French patterns with bold and wonderful accents.  
  • Swedish: For a minimalist look the Swedish way, check out this category. This has a lot of white and blue swatches accented with gold and red.  
  • Paris Feel: For a bit of drama, whimsy and romance, go for the Paris feel. This includes a lot of decors in jewel colors and featuring a lot of silks. Think of a more laid back and classy Marie Antoinette feel.  
  • Tuscan: For a rustic look, go Tuscan which features a lot of earthy colors. 


We also have categories according to colors such as white, blue, red, jewel tones and others. We also feature decorating trends such as western, shabby chic, minimalism and more.  


If you want, you can ask for assistance from our interior design experts, all for FREE in determining the look and feel of your home and in checking out how to mix and match specific decors. We are even happy to visit your home, evaluate it and provide our professional recommendations. This particular service is available for a minimal fee.  


We hope that you will take the time to look through our website and see what we can offer you. Remember that we will always be happy to assist you anytime you need us.